Recently, we caught up with South Australian Junior Champion, Kyle Imgraben. With Emery Surfboards located on the Far North Coast of NSW, Australia, we have it pretty good when it comes to winter. Generally, we get away with a 2/3 wetsuit in the depths of winter, some may even wear a short arm. South Australia is a place of natural beauty but is very cold at this time of year. Kyle explains to us, what SA is like at this time of year.

Hi Kyle, for those those out there that don’t know South Australia tell us a little bit about it;
Well to me south Australia is home, it is such a great place for waves you just gotta know where your going.
How cold does it get in the water?
13 degrees I think it was last year
That is cold! It seems Great Whites like the colder the climates, how sharky is it?
I guess it is, Ive seen 4 whites in 10 years, but 4 whites that would swallow you in one go.
Woah! Thats an average of a man eater every 2.5 years. That said, where do you normally surf in winter?
Victor harbor gets really good through winter, but travel over to yorks and the west coast of south aus whenever we can.

How big does it get?
Where I live 4ft is a bomb, but other places in south aus get real big. 15ft+
Whats your favourite wave to surf in winter at home?
Uhh I really like salmon hole.
What wetsuit do you need?
Start of winter 3/2 but once it hits July bring out the 4.5/3
What board do you ride and size?
I ride the Black Angel model 5’8 x 18 x 2 1/16
Anything else we should know about surfing SA in winter?
Don’t forget to bring your gloves, boots and hood!

Photo Credit: Jessie Little

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