Black Angel II - Custom Order

800.00 AUD

An update of our most popular all rounder, The Black Angel II. It has increased tail rocker to allow it to fit into the tightest curviest waves, giving you a super fast reacting and tight turning board with the ability to carve right out of a lighting top turn. Combining single concave with a slight double between the fins, giving you a ton of drive when you need it.

Order 1" shorter 1/4" wider for your Summer board. From 2 to 6 foot conditions, curved waves loved to be smashed by the Black Angel II.

Black Angel II - Recommended Dimensions
Length Width Thickness Ltrs
5'6 18 1/4 2 21.48L
5'7 18 3/8 2 1/16 22.56L
5'8 18 1/2 2 1/8 23.61L
5'10 18 5/8 2 1/4 25.55L
5'11 18 3/4 2 5/16 27.04L
6'0 18 3/4 2 5/16 27.44L
6'0 18 7/8 2 3/8 28.13L
6'1 18 7/8 2 3/8 28.55L
6'1 19 2 7/16 29.45L
6'2 19 2 7/16 29.88L
6'2 19 1/8 2 1/2 30.6L
6'3 19 1/8 2 1/2 31.07L
6'3 19 1/4 2 9/16 32.01L
6'4 19 1/4 2 9/16 32.48L
6'4 19 3/8 2 5/8 33.35L
Choose Your Dimensions

If you are unsure about your custom dimensions you can request a call with Al to discuss your order before he starts shaping.

800.00 AUD

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Create your own board to best suit your ability and get the ultimate performance from the surfboard for you.

Start by entering the recommended dimensions for the particular model you have chosen & then adjust to suit your requirements. 

Please allow up to 4 weeks for your new board to be built and shipped to your door.


Uses a standard Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) with a plywood stringer blank after shaped it is glassed using epoxy resin with two layers of four ounce fibre glass on the deck and one layer of four ounce fibre glass on the bottom.

Usually added with patches of four ounce fibre glass to wrap around the tail to prevent the rail/tail from crushing or denting severely. Using an EPS blank it’s typically the lightest surfboard construction for fast performance surfing!

The added foam gives you more paddling speed and increased manoeuvrability allowing you to ride a smaller board. EPS foam core is also known for it’s great durability. Together these make your board marginally lighter then the standard PU surfboard. EPS Construction is the way to go for your small wave performance surfboards.


Created by Al Emery with sustainability in mind, reducing our footprint on the environment where ever we can. The Eco board uses bio resin, a foam with recycled content, removing the traditional carbon fibres using timber that we grow ourselves, milling the wood to form the surfboards stringer. Qualified by The Eco tech surfs similar to epoxy stringered boards with a slower flex release. Best suited to shortboard and fish models. 


Foam with recycled content to reuse waste material 

Bio epoxy resin to cut out harmful chemicals on the environment

4 x 6 ounce glassing on deck, 4 ounce bottom for added strength and a longer lasting board

Paulownia strip inlay's top and bottom, timber 4mm thick for the right amount of flex


Built using the latest in EPS/Epoxy materials; the 50/50 technology combines a lightweight EPS core with High Grade Fibreglass Cloth Carbon Fibre Frame and Epoxy Resin:

Carbon Fibre Frame a parabolic carbon frame on the deck and linear carbon stringers on the bottom is designed to provide a controlled flex pattern! The familiar flex of the liner carbon stringers allows the rider to generate speed while the parabolic frame on the deck controls twisting through the front two thirds of the surfboard. With a highly responsive feel this layup allows the surfer to generate speed and drive with ease.

Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) foam is a version of polystyrene foam typically found in the core of Firewire surfboards. EPS is typically the lightest of the three foams used in surfboard construction resulting in a much lighter board translating to increased buoyancy and floatation. Basically the lowest density or lightest board will float you the best! The advantage of better buoyancy is added paddling speed and increased manoeuvrability allowing you to ride a smaller board. EPS foam core is also less likely to deteriorate over time!

Epoxy Resin is a healthier alternative to polyester as epoxy emits 50-75% fewer VOCs (volatile organic compounds) than polyester resin, which means a decrease in harmful chemicals in the shop and the environment in general. In fact, epoxy is a common household item, safe to use without a mask and with only moderate ventilation. Epoxy is lighter than polyester. Under most circumstances, resin makes up a large part of a completed board’s overall weight. Not only is epoxy lighter than polyester, but less is needed per coat. This ends up meaning a lighter surfboard – a big plus for most surfers. The biggest bonus However is the durability and strength of epoxy resin.

All 50/50 boards are constructed using a 36gram EPS core with a refined carbon fibre frame, each board is hand laminated using epoxy resign and high grade fibreglass on the deck providing a very light board that feels fast and responsive under your feet increasing performance in a wide variety of conditions!


This is your most common standard stock surfboard. Using a Polyurethane (PU) South Coast Foam blank with a plywood stringer after shaped it is glassed using a polyester resin with two layers of four ounce fibre glass on the deck and one layer of four ounce fibre glass on the bottom.

Patches of four ounce fibre glass are wrapped around the tail to prevent the rail/tail from crushing or denting severely. You will find most of our surfboards are built using this technology. This technology is great for everyday use and has performance in all types of conditions and wave sizes and levels of surfer.


All our surfboards are expertly wrapped for safe and secure delivery to your door. They are double layered bubble wrap, top and bottom with extra roll of bubble at nose and tail with higher density foam wrapped rails. Cardboard boxed and you will receive online tracking of our board from the moment it leaves Emery HQ and arrives to your door. 


Orders above $500 AUD = Free

Orders under $500 AUD = $35 Aus wide (Exc WA $85)

Please email sales@emerysurfboards for any international surfboard shipping enquiries and we can let you know if it's possible and if so provide a quote to your door. 

Surfboard Packing at Emery